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Our Philosophy

It is intriguing to help each woman embrace their true beauty by acknowledging their strengths and embracing their weaknesses.


For when I was a painter, each visual piece I created invoked an inner subconscious intention that I couldn't help but reveal through my paintings. I found myself creating content, mainly implying many subjects in a narrative that was either secluded or isolated. For me it was a way to get lost in my thoughts to discover a creativity never before seen. 


As a photographer I feel more in touch with the visual world of Boudoir Photography. Each person has an inner strength that they have unfortunately buried deep inside their subconscious. To have the ability to help each client open themselves emotionally to face any fear they may have whether it's overcoming an illness, a breakup, a lost loved one, a failed attempt on a business venture, whatever that may be, I want to inspire each person to experience blissful happiness not just in our studio but in life itself. 


Boudoir Photography is more than just sexy content of a woman wearing stunning lingerie, it is an opportunity to find your self-esteem and to really invoke that inner strength. Many of us never dare to try something new or do something that we would never even consider. There was a time that the idea of being a photographer was foreign to me but then one day I discovered a world where fear can be sidelined and adventure can be without limits. I look to connect with each client individually. I want to know who you are, what you do, who you wish to be and how to move you into a path of unconditional love for yourself. 

"I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made." Psalm 139:14




Louis J. Santore Jr. 

Tel: 908-461-2746


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