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Who is Boudoir Photography for?

Boudoir photography is for anyone who wants to embrace their inner strength whether it's accomplishing a life change, overcoming an illness, something to do for your birthday or wedding anniversary for your spouse or just something to do for yourself to rediscover that inner youth they once had. 

Can any woman have a boudoir session? Absolutely! Even though you see models at the prime of their career the answer is yes of course. Anyone woman whether you are in your 20's or just turned 30, 40 or older can do a boudoir session. It is my job as the photographer to bring out that inner energetic and playful youth that has been side lined due to the every day life of being a mother, or being a career woman. You are unique and my job as a photographer is to capture a moment that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It's a wonderful thing to be yourself and to be vulnerable which can be very freeing and liberating.  

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